I’m going to put more work into this later, but just to get it started I want to say what I want from this blog and why I’m creating it. I’ll get more into my past as I get more comfortable with the whole blogging experience and what exactly I think is important to share on here.

I got into an incredible web development course with a company called General Assembly and worked hard for this opportunity, but that didn’t make it any less crazy when I actually was admitted into the course. This course is intensive and requires about 60 hours of work a week for 12 weeks.

Now for the reasons I’m blogging: I want some way to monitor myself and make certain that I’m keeping up with the pace of the course. I want a way to look back at the end of this course and see how I’ve changed as a person and a developer in those months. I want a way to share the experience with my family, friends, or anyone who is interested in doing a course like this especially when I may be too busy to share everything I’m learning with all of them. Most of all I want a way to solidify and make sure I understand what I’ve learned each day. I’m preparing to have this be my primary focus for the next three months and although I’m a little scared, more than anything I feel extremely excited and lucky.

This is the course that I’m grateful to be taking over the next three months:

General Assembly: Web Development Immersive